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Manufacturer and Supplier

Parkash Engineers is a certified manufacturer offering multifarious gears for transmission components, industrial and a host of other critical uses. Our company has spent many years in the industry which speaks volume regarding our expertise in producing gears for several mechanical operations and other uses. We embrace modern manufacturing process which makes it possible for us to come up with high quality gears for our valuable customers in the industry. Our company aspiring to gain the reliance of many more customers  brings forth gears that match needs of grueling operations across industries. We are continually bringing forth plenty of gears which are high in endurance, compact, durable, effective and smooth in performance. Our portfolio carries Planetary Gear, Double Helical Gear, Internal Gear, Helical Gear, MS Spur Gear and Helical Pinion Shaft. We introduce across markets gears of varying sizes and dimensions in order to match up with requirements of both commercial and industrial customers in the industry.

Our Category

Our portfolio carries Planetary Gear, Helical Gear, MS Spur Gear and Helical Pinion Shaft.
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Your Gear Partner

No one likes spending money on worthless products or products that are low in value.

Why Us?

Our line of helical and allied gears boasts of strength and leads to a decrease in vibration and noise.

Quality Inspection

At our company, we have recruited stern quality inspectors whose main job is assessing quality of gears on a list of parameters.

Products We Offer

Our New Delhi, India based company manufactures gears including Helical Gear, Planetary Gear, Spur Gear and similar other products